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EVERY absence, excused or not, the athlete will be required to do 50 jumps (toe-touch, pikes, or hurdlers) as makeup. Competitive team athletes are only allowed 2 unexcused absences during the months of September - May. Every absence after that, the athlete's Jack Rabbit account will automatically be charged $25. There will be a zero tolerance for any absences during the week of competition. If practice is missed during the week of competition, the family's Jack Rabbit account will automatically be charged $50/practice and will be subjected to removal of the team.

 The only approved excused absence is for contagious illness of the athlete which will require a doctor's note, a death in the family, required sports game, 2-parent excused absence. All other absences are considered UNEXCUSED unless prior written approval from a coach. If the absence interferes with a competition or camp it must be submitted 2 weeks prior to the absence and approved by a coach. It is the parent's responsibility to communicate with the gym through band and a time off request, giving as much advance notice as possible if the athlete has an illness or emergency. Allowances for vacations, camps, etc. must be turned in and approved by a coach to be an excused absence. Excessive absences (unexcused) will result in the athlete being placed on probation and not being allowed to participate in events or competitions and could eventually result in the athlete being suspended from the team. (4 unexcused during off season, July-August, 2 unexcused during the competitive season, September-May). Absences with written approval by the gym or head coach do not count toward the excessive absences.

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