Indian Research Information Network System (IRINS) (for NIT Hamirpur Only)
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Kindly fill the following information as required by in order to showcase the research output of NIT Hamirpur, your department and yourself. Kindly use you nith email id to fill this data.

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Researcher profile is an individual Internet profile that provides a user friendly and efficient way of showcasing your research output. Having a unique profile :

1. Showcases your work to the world
2. Manages your publications list
3. Helps to be identified by potential collaborators
4. Helps to avoid mis-identification
5. Tracks citation counts
6. Enhances your profile page by including a link to other profiles

A profile pulls all your research and publications together in one place, mitigating common problems that often arise in searching. Such problems can include variations in authors' names or difficulty in narrowing a search down easily when an author has a common name.

If a researcher has worked with multiple granting agencies, research groups, or institutions, a research profile will also make their research easier to find.

In case you are not able to identify your Profile IDs, contact Mr. Nitin Paliwal, Incharge (Central Library) at or 9882495866
ORCID ID (If any, e.g. 0000-0001-8230-7345)
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Scopus ID (If any, e.g. 56011409400) (IRINS automatically index publication indexed with this id)
Google Scholar ID (If any, e.g. cAZ2suMAAAAJ) (IRINS automatically index publication indexed with this id)
Microsoft Academic ID (If any, e.g. 2000012480)
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