Little Warriors Prevent It! Group Booking Form
This request is in reference to the Prevent It! Workshop offered by Little Warriors. Workshop requests are for in-person or live online via Zoom.

Please submit your request 3-6 weeks in advance. Typically, the minimum requirements for a group booking is 10 people, but we do try to accomodate all group bookings. If you have a small group and would like a workshop, please proceed with completing this form and we will work with you to try to accomodate your request.
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Please select which version of the workshop you would like for your group: *
Please provide three options for your preferred date for the workshop delivery. If you would like to book more than one session at please let us know. *
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IN-PERSON workshop: The Prevent It! workshop includes video segments. These are played from a USB. The organization understands that they are responsible for providing and testing all technical equipment prior to the workshop delivery date. The Little Warriors representative will not be responsible for operating the equipment. The organization will have someone on site to operate the technical equipment. If equipment fails, the workshop delivery will be postponed. Please ensure that the equipment is suitable for the venue and the number of expected participants (ie size of speakers and screen) If you choose to utilize a laptop and projector, please ensure suitable speakers are on hand and tested prior to the workshop. **Please NOTE the equipment you will provide for the workshop (if you are requesting a Zoom workshop please just put N/A): *
Prevent It! live online via ZOOM: This workshop requires individual participants to have access to a personal computer or other device able to support with video and audio capability. This is an interactive workshop which will require participants to be willing to enable both video and microphone options. The workshop utilizes video segments that will be made available to participants via You Tube links during the workshop. Participants will also need access to a reliable internet connection. The best group size for a Zoom workshop is MAX 20 participants. Please indicate that you have read and understood these requirements. *
Required is a platform supplied by a third party vendor. While every effort is taken to ensure that your workshop is delivered as planned Little Warriors can not be held liable for any financial loss arising from unforeseen technical difficulties associated with the Zoom platform or devices used by Little Warriors facilitators or Prevent It! participants. *
Little Warriors does not share participants personal details with any third parties. All participants attending a Prevent It! workshop via do so at their own risk. Little Warriors is unable to guarantee the privacy and/or security of users. *
If the workshop is open to the public, would you like assistance with the following complimentary options (select all that apply):
The group understands that all participants must be over the age of 18. The group further understands that children and/or adolescents under the age of 18 are not permitted access within the vicinity of the room/facility where the workshop is set to take place. Should children have access to the facility within the workshop delivery time frame, a room with a closed door (sound protected) is required. *
IN-PERSON workshops: The group understands that if a facilitator is required to travel to a venue that is outside of designated areas a mileage fee will apply. Per diem rate, accommodations, shipping of materials and a food allowance may also apply. A Little Warriors Representative will provide you with a quote prior to confirming the booking. *
The Prevent It! workshop is delivered on behalf of Little Warriors by trained volunteer facilitators. While every effort is made to ensure that the originally named (or alternative) volunteer facilitator is available to facilitate your event as agreed,  it must be recognized that on occasion exceptional circumstances beyond the control of Little Warriors do arise and may result in the booking being cancelled at short notice. In such circumstances Little Warriors is unable to accept liability for any out of pocket costs incurred by the host organization or any individual planning to attend the workshop.
The Little Warriors Prevent It! workshop is offered to groups and organizations free of charge to ensure this important prevention information is available to everyone. The estimated costs to Little Warriors to train each individual is $30 per person. It is requested that your organization considers making a donation or providing an honorarium to Little Warriors of an amount you are comfortable with, to enable us to continue to deliver Prevent It! to future participants. Would your group or organization be in a position to make a donation/honorarium to Little Warriors? *
Approximate Amount:
Notes, Questions, or Further Comments:
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