Edan's Community [edan.gg] Staff Application.
Please note before applying:

[Major Note]
- Voice interview's will be held after this application (and are required.)

[Light Note]
- Be professional!
- Please do NOT just submit 1 sentence answers.
- Please do NOT message us regarding applications, or when your application will be read.
- If you do not receive a response in 2 weeks, you have most likely been denied. In some instances, you may still be contacted.
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You MUST be in our Community Discord to apply. If you are not in our discord, your application will be ignored. https://discordapp.com/invite/4U4CHhc
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Why would you like to be a Staff Member? *
Do you have any experience in moderating?
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What server are you the most active on? (Admins should respond to any report no matter the server.) *
What maturity level do you consider yourself? (1-10) *
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