Earth Week 2021 Registration
Since 1970, Earth Day has been held every year on April 22nd as a day for us to honor our planet and to give back to our planet through various efforts to clean, protect and build our environment.

This year, we are hosting an Earth Week clean-up challenge to all of our community groups and organizations to help Keep Putnam County Beautiful and Clean!

How to take up this challenge: Your group will choose a time and date between Saturday April 17th through Saturday April 24th to participate in a clean-up. Once your group has chosen a time and date that works for you, complete the registration form and then we will work with your group to assign you a location (if you do not have one in mind already) and get you the materials needed for the clean-up.

The Clean Commission will provide participants with safety vests, buckets, litter grabbers and trash bags. Gloves will be available, however it is recommended that you provide your own.

As part of our covid-19 prevention plan, we are choosing to work with groups who are already socializing among themselves rather than forming groups with randomly assorted individuals in order to reduce the potential for spread of covid-19. All participants are encouraged to follow mask and social distance guidelines while participating in a clean-up.
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