Young Entrepreneurs Pocket Money Market - Kwa-Zulu Natal
Welcome! The PMM is mainly for children up to 16 years old. Very young children are welcome too, with parental assistance. Kids older than 16 are also welcome to join but are expected to help out with the market too, up to an hour after trading and possibly with admin between markets.

This form is to register for those in the Kwa-Zulu Natal region for children who are keen to EARN, LEARN & HAVE FUN. The first events will be in June and the venue is in Hillcrest. Please complete this registration for each child participating.

Contact: 0833840590

Communication is via Whatsapp and email. Please also click "follow" on to receive all the updates on free workshops, markets, awards and other events.

For all the details and stall ideas please visit
First timers please see the page and you are welcome to call for advice.

Please complete all the details in full. I need surnames, ages, schools, etc.

At markets each stall is required to have a sign and complete the accounting sheet provided as well as sending in a pre market advert. All children fulfilling this will get a certificate of participation and there will be an Entrepreneur of the Day.
Younger children may have assistance but please only one adult per stall, it detracts from the event if there are too many adults. For children 12 and over it is preferred that they do not have an adult at their stall all the time.

Please note environmental awareness is key. Upcyle, recycle, avoid plastic as much as possible and leave your area spotless. As of 16 June 2017 no more balloons will be permitted and single use plastic will not be permitted. No live animals like silkworms or goldfish etc. Responsible worm farms are fine. Please talk to me is you are unsure.

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If you already have any plans for goods and / or activities for your stall or a name for your stall, please let us know. Also if your child has a hobby or talent and you are looking to grow that into a business or possibly you have access to a good supply of certain items.
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