Together We Rise COVID-19 Rapid Response Referral Partner Application
COVID-19 poses a special risk to students with experience in foster care transitioning to and through college in Washington State. The Together We Rise COVID-19 Rapid Response Fund will allow campus support programs and nonprofits to have access to flexible resources to address challenges presented by COVID-19 that could potentially threaten a foster youth’s ability to transition to and through college.

- Participation in this fund is limited to programs based in Washington.
- This form should be used only by college campus foster youth support programs and non-profits that serve foster youth who are either enrolled in college or transitioning into college. If you are not one of these, please do not complete this form.
- This form is to apply to become an authorized referral source to the fund. DO NOT USE THIS FORM TO SUBMIT INDIVIDUAL STUDENT REFERRALS.
- Agencies should submit one form only. Please confirm before proceeding that no other representative from your agency has completed this form or intends to complete this form.
- Please review the Fund Protocols thoroughly before completing this form. These can be found at {insert link}.
In order to make referrals to the fund you must be a college campus foster youth support program, or non-profit that serves foster youth enrolled in college. Please indicate which type of organization you are. *
Name of Agency or Program *
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County where your program is located (if program has sites in multiple counties, list all counties) *
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Number of foster youth served by your program *
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Please indicate that you understand and agree to the following *
If you are a non-profit organization, please describe below the types of services you provide and the populations that you serve. (Campus based programs do not need to provide this information and can indicate N/A) *
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