Open Letter to RMIT University Senior Executive
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Save the Master of Information Management program
We call on RMIT University to urgently revise its decision to end the Master of Information Management (MIM) program.

We are managers, librarians, archivists, records managers, knowledge specialists, gallery and museum workers, curators, data analysts, educators, academics, researchers, students, and more - many alumni of RMIT - and we have come together in our outrage and sorrow at this damaging decision.

Graduates work across a range of sectors, including libraries, galleries, museums, education, corporations and government. Our reach is significant, with the library sector alone directly supporting an estimated 2.9 million users in communities, schools, universities, TAFEs, government departments, research agencies, hospitals, NGOs, law firms, banks, media channels, technology companies and other knowledge-based enterprises across Australia (ALIA, APLA & NSLA 2019). We directly support scientific research, clinical care, cultural institutions, social justice, technology, legal institutions, governance, and so much more.

Consider, too, that the proportion of female librarians, gallery, library and museum technicians, archivists, curators and records managers (71% - 87%) is far higher than the proportion of women in the total workforce (47%) (ALIA 2019). This decision disproportionately harms women, including many looking to re-enter the workforce, at a time when they have already been hardest hit by the effects of the pandemic.

Information professions combine technical expertise with being all about people. As a university of technology, which also cares about passion, this is just the kind of professional graduate we would expect RMIT to value. Indeed, we note that RMIT’s stated values include imagination, agility, courage, passion and impact - all values embedded in Information Management professions. This has been demonstrated most recently by library staff during the pandemic and lockdowns. Inspired and unconventional innovations have directly supported communities, particularly vulnerable people. From “caring calls” to elderly library members and delivering books with Meals on Wheels, to workshops on renters’ rights and tax returns, and facilitating social worker outreach to victims of domestic violence and people experiencing homelessness (Convery 2020). Strategic, critical and creative thinking, and practical processes, applied to wicked problems - that is what we do. To end this pathway for students is a disservice to RMIT and to the wider community of which it is a part. It facilitates the cultural vandalism being prosecuted by ideological funding attacks.

RMIT has offered postgraduate studies in Information Management for more than 50 years and In 2019, ranked 1st in Australia and 25th globally for Library and Information Management (RMIT University 2020). While the societal benefit of that legacy is immense, the past is not, in itself, a reason to continue. However, the negative impact on society of the loss of future MIM graduates - that is immeasurable. We believe that higher education should actively contribute to critically engaged graduates, social responsibility and a healthy democracy. It should resist a narrow neoliberal focus on market-driven programs.

We call upon RMIT to reverse this shortsighted decision and to reinstate the Master of Information Management program beyond 2023.

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Nik McGrath Archivist, Museums Victoria
Clare O'Hanlon Senior Library Learning Advisor, La Trobe University (RMIT MIM graduate)
Adria Castellucci Australian Museum (MIM Graduate 2015)
Anna Findlay Senior Library Learning Advisor, La Trobe University
Claudine Chionh Current Information Management student at RMIT
Penny Tangey Student Masters of Information Management RMIT
Adriene Rodriguez Librarian, RMIT University Library and Hume City Council
Tracy Formosa Manager, Corporate Information Management
Paige Conway RMIT MIM Student
Jemma McPherson MIM student at RMIT
Caroline Shen RMIT Student
Rebecca King EDRMS System Administrator
Nikki Albrecht Project Manager Planning & Strategy
Heidi Gregory Records Coordinator, Legal Services Board + Commission
Maria Phillips Senior Risk Advisor
Elizabeth Cornell Records Officer - Australian Nursing & Midwifery Federation Victorian Branch
Luisa D'Alessandro Library Officer, Geelong Regional Library Corporation
Brendan Bachmann Library Technician, Melton City Libraries
Tara Cartwright Relief librarian city of boroondara
Sue Reynolds Retired academic, RMIT University
Sam Giles Qld Government
Esther Johnson Senior Education Resources Manager and Community Hub Coordinator, Lowther Hall Anglican Grammar School
Caroline Beatty PhD Candidate, RMIT University
Meagan Wyke Librarian, RMIT University
Steven Tapping Librarian, RMIT University
Sam S Learning Services Librarian, RMIT University
Alex McAulay Research Training Support Officer, RMIT University
Constance Thurley-Hart Archivist
Anne Rowlands
Melanie Hechenberger
Nickk Hertzog
Matilda Sutherland
Carl Duncan
Mathew Scott
Sarah Eddy
Shannon wilson
Jason Bolton
Gemma Steele
Sebastian Stocks
Karen Seligman
James Dowell
Cody Gumm
Robert Redmond
Jade Howell
David Trimble
Imogen Telfer
Sam Searle
Caroline Choong
Peta Hopkins
David Honeyman
Natalie Blanchard
Iurgi Urrutia
Janet Laws
Glenn Harper
Karen Eyre
Isha Kuhns
Ngaire Brown
Andrew Stapleton Learning Designer, Formerly RMIT
Jonathon Newman La Trobe University
Andy Ryan RMIT MIM Student
Rachael Bahl Librarian, ANU; RMIT alumna
Stephanie McGlinchey Library Manager, ACU
Alister Bennie Records Officer/Archivist (MIM Graduate 2013)
Erin Reardon RMIT Library (formerly)
Bethany Barrass Librarian
Susan Osborne (Peters) Library Coordinator, Kingston Libraries
Lincoln Turner Academic, Monash University
Paula Morrison Teacher Librarian, Cardiff High, NSW
Elizabeth Hutchinson Independent trainer - school libraries
Debra Perrin Librarian, Oathall Community College
Eleanor Colla Research Consultant, University of Melbourne
Melissa Begg News Librarian, 9 Network
Kathleen Beaumont
Elizabeth Harris RMIT MIM
Keren Moskal
Judy Chandley
Judith Way PhD candidate
Thomas Reeson Research Content Librarian, Griffith Uni
Alice Sippel Librarianship student
Sandy Gillam Information Manager and former RMIT University Archivist
Vanessa Carnevale Author and Library Technician
Chiara Isabella Trufitt
Marni Ryan
Alyssa Morgan
Syaza Mohammed
Annie Wright (MIM 2015)
Jason Cordi Business Librarian, City of Greater Dandenong
Nidhi Rao
James Baker Librarian, Melbourne Athenaeum Library (RMIT MIM Graduate)
Isabel Teakle
Kalene Caffarella (MIM) 2020
Kate Atkinson Library Manager, Waverley Christian College
Monika Fikerle Library Service Desk Officer, University of Melbourne
Anita Castanho Librarian, Wyndham City Libraries (RMIT GradDipInfoMgt)
Lina Favrin
Nicole Hilder
Donna Mead
Jeanette Perry
Renee Rollestone Social Media Manager
Kyla Stephan
Jenny Mayes Records & Information Manager
J Garnett
Michael Barry Library technician, Victorian Department of Education
Alice Berry
Danielle Johanesen Coordinator, Library Research Partnerships,, La Trobe University
Renee Mason Teacher Librarian, Brisbane Catholic Education
Mary Mesquita
Brendan Fitzgerald Director 641 DI
Deborah Lee-Talbot PhD candidate, Deakin University
Patrick Jovaras Librarian, YPRL
Robin Argent
Graeme Oke Coordinator, Library Research Partnerships,, La Trobe University
Colin Argent
Belinda Samson Library Manager
Daniel Giddens Liasion Librarian, William Angliss Institute
Jacqueline Borrett Senior Manager Information Governance
Jackie Brown Moonee Valley Libraries
Terri Berends RMIT MIM 2016 Information Management Records Supervisor, Melbourne Water
Chukwuemeka Anele Librarian, Victoria University
Kathryn Hore University Information Manager, Deakin University
Shirley Wong
Caitlin Rowe
Aude Sowerwine
Caitlyn Grant Digital Resources Graduate Librarian, State Library Victoria (RMIT MIM 2019)
Laura Farrington
Kimberley Dunt
Michelle McLean
Bernard Lyons Library Manager, University of Melbourne
David Smith-Chitty Monash University, Librarian
Georgina Binns
Wendy Frerichs Information Literacy Librarian, RMIT University
Nicola Hearn
Anna Welch Senior Librarian, History of the Book & Arts, State Library Victoria (MIM grad 2017)
Isobel Williams
Millicent Bishop
Grace Baranowski Library Officer, GRLC
Fiona Russell
Ashley Sutherland Arts Librarian, University of Melbourne
Tanya Wilson
Julie Ager
Rose Robinson Manager Customer Projects OCLC
Nicole Le Grand Student, RMIT Masters of Information Management
Jackie Elliott
Melanie Morgan
Rebecca Parker
Miriam Meehan
Russell Edwards RMIT PHD candidate (& qualified Librarian)
Justine Paxton
Cate O'Neill University of Melbourne
Hayley Webster
Murray Coggan Research and Digital Librarian, Torrens University (RMIT MIM 2015)
Paul Quilty Research Librarian, Torrens University Australia
Peta Humphreys Faculty Librarian, University of Melbourne
Renee Naylor Librarian, Law Library of Victoria
Joanna Hare Library Manager, National Art School (MIM graduate 2012)
Lisa J Ryan Team Leader, Asset Management, Homes Victoria
Annette Messell
Eileen Louden
Sophie Shilling Digital Information Specialist, Bureau of Meteorology
Daniel Belluzzo Senior Collection Development Officer, University of Melbourne
Kay Oddone
Tessa Sharpe
Brittany D’Silva High School Library Technician and current RMIT MIM Student
Ellen Coates Collections Librarian and Volunteer Coordinator PMI Victorian History Library
William Webb Reference and Training Librarian, Victoria Legal Aid (MIM graduate 2018)
Rosa Serratore Manager Collections, Yarra Plenty Regional Library
Maree McConnell
John Hawkins
Susannah Peareth-Kinston Moonee Valley Libraries
Brooke Reid Academic Librarian
Kathryn Lindsay Senior Librarian, Science and Engineering, the University of Melbourne (RMIT MIM graduate)
Julia Kuehns Liaison Librarian, University of Melbourne
Michaela Hart Digital Archivist
Jill Stephens Warrnambool Library Coordinator and Liaison Librarian Deakin University
Kate Ferguson
Tanja Ivacic-Ramljak Senior Medical Librarian/ Library Manager Monash Health
Niki Ebacioni Metadata Editor, Informit
Frances Morrissey
Niki Ebacioni Metadata Editor, Informit
Jessica Broadbent Graduate of GDIM, RMIT
Lauren Logan Librarian Monash Health
Ally Watson Manager, National Coronial Information System
Hannah Dunlop
Ceinwen Jones
Evelyn Lindsay PhD Candidate Monash University
Georgina Crisp Brimbank Libraries
Dominique Coorey Liaison Librarian, Deakin University
Judith Love Teacher Librarian
Rosemary Cotter
Ingrid Mason
Fiona Caskie Library Learning Advisor, La Trobe University (RMIT MIM Student)
Lisa Hogarth MIM RMIT 2015 Library Coordinator Hobsons Bay City Council
Emily Churcher
Alison Jones
Mare Maticevski
Frank Prain Library Tech Services Manager (Retired), The Age
Leisa Gibbons Lecturer, Curtin University
Alex Gionfriddo Librarian, State Library Victoria (former RMIT IM student)
Trent Hennessey Program Manager, University of Melbourne
Kerry Davis
Helen Rowe Library Technician, Monash Health
Susannah Tindall
Amanda Mitchell
Gojko Skoro Application Support, Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority
Hannah Barker Librarian, Moonee Valley Libraries, RMIT MIM Graduate
Sarah Hugo
Sarah Doecke
Lordon Zion
Rachel Tropea Digital Stewardship, University of Melbourne
Natasha Bradley Medical librarian
Dimity Flanagan Manager, Scholarly Communications, University of Melbourne
Dr Mike Jones Archivist/Historian, Australian National University
Stella Marr Archivist, University of Melbourne
Katie Wood Archivist, University of Melbourne Archives
Lachlan Simpson HPC Systems Administrator, University of NSW
Eunice Ang RMIT MIM Student
Danielle Croci
Marissa King MEd education and administration, current MIM student
Mary Stone
Sagar Sanyal Student Master of information management
Darrell Pitt Student and author
Gemma Walsh Information Officer, Victorian Govt. Agency (RMIT MIM Graduate)
Pat Pettit
Tayla Scott
Gary Pearce Manager, Library Services (Research), RMIT University Library
Sun Young Baik Librarian, RMIT University
Kasania DMitrieff Librarian, University of New South Wales
Carrie Thomas Librarian, RMIT University
Jenny Gibson
Liz Walsh Assistant Secretary of Victorian Socialists
Liam Ward Lecturer, RMIT
Tenille Hands Archivist
Summer Alkhasaoneh RMIT MIM student
Nicole Lithgow Archivist, Supreme Court of Victoria
Steven Chang Coordinator, Digital Literacies and Open Education (Library) - La Trobe University
Lisa O'Sullivan University of Melbourne
Tracey Hespe Public servant
Matt L
Cormac Mills Ritchard General Repres
entative at RMIT University Student Union (RUSU)
Jeremy Bowtell Technical Officer RMIT
Ruza Obradovic Retired Library Professional of 35 years
Tom Martin RMIT
Alex Haschek
Clare Strahan Teacher at RMIT University
Amy Williams Toy librarian
Rostam Dezfouli
Kristen Tytler
Tim Rangi
Xavier O’Shannessy Marketing Professional and PWE student at RMIT
Janice Croggon
Madeliene Evgeniadis
Elliot Dolan-Evans Sessional Monash
Nicola Laurent Archivist, University of Melbourne
Stephanie Cusworth
Shirley Deviesseux Former Govt Librarian & Knowledge Manager
Lisa Milner Senior Lecturer, Southern Cross University
Anne Clarke teacher librarian retired.
Alice Desmond Archivist, curator, digital content manager
Julie Kimber History, Swinburne University
Laura Cashman
David Honeybone
Gillian Taylor
Andrew Wilson
Rhys Dolby
Siobhan McGlynn
Benjamin Golotta
Natalie Acreman National Union of Students LGBTI Officer, RMIT student
Jane Watson-Brown
Hamish Bruce
Amelia Gee
Vinnie Sham
connor mason saunders
James Hynes
Eddie Pavuna Library Adviser, Deakin University
Janan Toksipahi
Stephen Wright Online Engagement Librarian, Moonee Valley Libraries
Ella Marchionda
Darcy Hollier-Elms
Gabrielle Diaz Georgiou
Sophie Couchman Professional Historian and Curator
Vesna Stefanov Curriculum Project Manager, ACU
Chris Giddings RMIT University Student Union (RUSU) General Representative
Georgia Lazarakis UniMelb student
Demitra Lazarakis University of Melbourne student
Rose Pavia
Maree barter Librarian
Finnegan R Byrne
Kerry Davies Australian Services Union
Brigette Metzler
Bea Donkin
Iain McIntyre
Janet Winding Teacher librarian (retired)
Daniel Hall Public Servant, MIM Graduate (2015)
Melanie Lazarow Last role Architecture and Building Librarian
Stephen Palmer Lecturer Monash University
Morfia Grondas
Lesley Caelli
Margaret Adams Marketing & Comms Librarian, GEL
Phillipa Telford
Ellie Brady Librarian and RMIT PWE student
Barbara Nichol
Jye Batham
Emily Gray HDR Delegated Authority, School of Education
Lee Williams Librarian
Jennifer Hurley
Vicki Randell
John Stevens Librarian, Description Published Materials, State Library Victoria (GDIM grad 2006)
Geraldine Burke Lecturer Monash University
Mani Rotstein Current RMIT MIM student
Megan Payne
Kelly Chan PhD student
Karen Tanizaka Pellegrino
Thomas Collinson
Eva Samaras Archivist, Public Record Office Victoria; Sessional Tutor, RMIT (RMIT MIM Graduate)
Alysha Customer Experience Officer (CCL)
Jill Campbell
Melinda Barrie University of Melbourne Archives
Laurens Dowling-Lane
Nancy Mauro-Flude Lecturer /Researcher School of design, RMIT University
Madison Kelly RMIT MIM student
Paula Kelly Paull Director - Progressive Momentum & Previous ALIA Board Director
Anne-marie Cooper
Prodip Roy PhD Candidate, RMIT University
Epi Dowling
Sandra Whitbourn Ex RMIT Library
Declan Jones
Ann-Maree Hannon
Lauren Dunstan
Dr Helen M Hill Advisor, Minister of Education, Timor-Leste and Honorary Fellow, Victoria University, Melbourne
Kerry Sullivan Librarian
Annie Copeland
Susan West Resource Discovery Librarian, Stonnington Library & Information Service
Richard McCart PhD student RMIT University
Vicky Dunmore
Marcus Banks Casual Researcher RMIT
Imogen Bower
Melissa Parent Senior Librarian, State Library of Victoria
Caroline Ondracek Library Manager, Royal Children’s Hospital
Meena Gupta (RMIT BBIKM /MBIT Graduate) ACU
Dr Vikki Pollard
Jade Hackett
Daniel Wee Special Collections Librarian
Kris Paterson Teacher librarian, Melbourne Grammar School
Alice Anderson Director, Library Services at Monash Health
Elisha Bignell
Dr Jane Garner Library and Information Studies academic - Charles Sturt University
Lynda Berends
Romney Adams Subject Librarian (Monash University)
Marion Slawson Associate Librarian Client Services, Federation University
Donna Kendrigan Library Officer, RMIT Library
Erin Reardon Library Officer, Makerspace; Hobsons Bay Libraries, Heritage Librarian
Sam Gibbard Librarian, RMIT
Erin Reardon Library Officer, Makerspace; Hobsons Bay Libraries, Heritage Librarian
Ange Jenkins Coordinator, Library Frontline Services, Federation University
Carl Smith Frontline Library Supervisor, Federation University
Susanne Newton Masters of Business IT (Information Management) 2006
Robyn kieseker
Kristina Purcell Team Leader Kingston Libraries
Shannon Parsons Librarian and Freelance Researcher
Jayne Cleave Team Leader, Community Connections & Learning, City of Fremantle
Nicholas Pavlovski Academic librarian
Lauren Whittle Library Officer, Monash Health
Robyn Ellard
Susan Davies
Marnie Sier Senior Library Learning Advisor, LTU
Jennifer Phillips Librarian, RMIT (and would be hopeful MIM graduate)
Izabella Bartosiewicz RMIT University
Kate Brandenburg RMIT Library Officer, RMIT MIM Graduate
Dr Mary Anne Kennan Editor JALIA, Adjust Associate Professor, CSU
Cosmo Student at La Trobe University
Jodi Kok Librarian - State Library Victoria (GDIM graduate 2006 and former library officer at RMIT Library)
Laura Wilson RMIT MIM Student and Library Officer, Kingston Libraries
Christine Whaley Information Librarian, Kingston Library
Kat Cain
Penny Chan
Simon Green
Melina Smale
Paula Kelly Paull Leader Growth and Development - Raeco Library and Learning Spaces
Sophia Bazzano
Peta McDonough
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