A World Vision Family Gathering | 世界宣明会家庭日
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Will there be other adults coming with you? 是否会有其他成人出席? *
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Will you be bringing children? 您是否会偕同孩童出席? *
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The sharing sessions will be in small groups with a maximum of 10 participants each for better engagement and understanding of our work in communities that we support. Please select 3 Area Development Programmes (ADP) and rank your preference from 1 to 3 with ’1’ being your most preferred choice. 分享将会以小组形式进行,每组最多10人,以让出席者能更好地参与和理解我们所支援的社区工作。 请选择3个社区发展计划(ADP),将您的选项按您的意愿程度排名1至3,‘1’是首选。 *
Mongolia Baganuur 蒙古巴嘎诺尔 ADP
South Africa Thusalushaka南非特沙陆沙卡ADP
India Nabagram印度纳巴格兰ADP
Lesotho Matelile莱索托马特利勒 ADP
Myanmar Aungmyathazan缅甸昂美达詹ADP
Preferred Language首选语言 *
Note: In the event that there is an overwhelming response for particular ADPs, we will place you in group(s) with available seats. 备注:如果特定ADP的参与人数已满,我们将安排您参与其他仍有名额的组别。
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