SCHA Co-op Application
The Solar Community Housing Association (SCHA) is a collective of housing co-ops owned by a non-profit with residents serving on the non-profit's board of directors. More information about SCHA, including mission and values statements, can be found on SCHA's website at

The Tri Co-ops and Domes are cooperative co-housing communities on the UC Davis Campus where residents must be UC Davis students. The three off-campus houses, Corner, J Street, and Sunwise, are owned by SCHA and house both students and non-students. All of the co-ops provide housing for low-income persons.

This application was designed to make it easy for you to apply to multiple SCHA co-ops at once. In addition to filling out the application, we encourage you to make an effort to get to know the co-ops that you are applying to. Many of them hold community dinners Monday through Thursday and would welcome the opportunity to get to know you in person.

We recommend that you allow as much time as you need to complete the application, as this form contains many sections. We also recommend that you complete the answers on a separate document so you won’t lose your answers. A copy of your application will automatically be emailed to you when you submit the application.

Please email with any questions or concerns.
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