TEDxDhaka Speaker Nomination Form

Please Read Everything Carefully

Speaker selection is a lengthy and a continuous process. You may nominate someone (or yourself) for our next event or for a future reference using the form below.

A few things to note

TEDxDhaka is a locally and independently organized TED event, under licence and guidance from TED Conferences LLC, New York. TEDxDhaka is regarded as the biggest and most important event(s) of its kind in Bangladesh running since 2009. By nature and organization TEDxDhaka operates independently, following rules and guidelines set by TED. For more information about TEDx

We neither pay our speakers nor they pay us to be on stage. And we may not select any speaker from this open nomination process. We also may not disclose our speakers selection process to anyone, you may get some idea from our FAQ page http://tedxdhaka.com.bd/faq . Generally we run every nomination and initial selection through an internal team headed by the Curator. We sometimes reach out to TED H/Q for guidance, whenever deemed necessary. However, speaker selection is done locally, independently by TEDxDhaka Team.

It is required that all speakers on TEDxDhaka stage follow the rules and guidelines provided by TED: http://storage.ted.com/tedx/manuals/tedx_speaker_guide.pdf

Basic guidelines:

- No keynotes or chief guest or special speaker – all speakers are equal.
- No panel discussions. No question and answer with the audience.
- No podiums.
- Political or religious endorsements are not permitted.
- [Very strictly] No selling from the stage.
- No pseudo-science or untested/unverified technology
- Companies or individuals cannot “buy” time on stage through sponsorships.
- Strictly enforced time limit.

Presenting at the TEDxDhaka stage is very different from most speeches. Our talks range from 3 to 18 minutes in length (set individually for each speaker, no longer than 18 minutes) and we stick to the time limits.

Language: English or Bengali. The choice is open to the speaker.
Audience: 350+ handpicked extraordinary individuals curated from a large pool of applicants. We consider every attendee as equally important as every speaker on stage.

All TEDxDhaka Talks are published in the official TEDx YouTube Channel and considered to be on TED.com. However, we neither guarantee nor want to give you any big hope that your talk will be featured at TED.com. Going a talk up to the TED.com depends on the quality of the talk and TED's editorial team's decision and we (TEDxDhaka) have no control or influence over it.

You may nominate yourself or someone else. You may nominate multiple speakers. Please complete separate nomination forms for each nominee. It is best if you know the nominee personally. The TEDxDhaka team will review and take all nominations seriously, but may not contact any nominee or the nominator.

Please do not expect a reply from us right away.

Diversity: is a key focus in our speaker lineup. Most often 'not-being-selected' is not equal to 'not-good-enough'! Rather 'not-being-selected' means we could not fit the nominee inside our program, theme of a session or mismatched with our quest of keeping the lineup divers.

All information of this form will remain strictly confidential. We do not publish this data anywhere. That means, we do not publish the information who is nominating whom and who is getting selected from this nomination process. A very limited number of people at TEDxDhaka Team have the access to this data.

Our nomination form is always open, throughout the year. Currently we are considering the nominations for TEDxDhaka 2015 Conference. During our selection process we go through all the nominations from previous years as well.

Thank you so much for your kind contribution and understanding.
Please write to speaker@tedxdhaka.com.bd if you may have any question.

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