Co-creating Pynk Application Form: a decentralised tech co-operative fit for the future!
Pynk is all about people. This is why we are like-minded people who are trying to build something truly special.

The core idea underlying Pynk is to bring fellow minded people into a collective that help each other. Regardless of race, religion, financial status - all are welcome. We are here to fight financial discrimination together. That means we invest, learn and win together.

We are creating a disruptive fin-tech model that is future-fit; a tech co-operative whose shares are owned by its users, contributors, supporters and community members. One aspect that the team have discussed in length in recent months is the idea of "co-creation" and giving Pynkster shareholders the chance to build Pynk in the way they see best.

This supports our idea of our decentralised vision - so that Pynk becomes governed by Pynksters the world over rather than by Team Pynk (a centralised team). You will see this trend in fintech referred to as "DeFi" and Pynk intend to lead the way on this!!

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