Before you submit your completed application, take a few moments and be certain that you have completed all required fields.

Forward all Postal enquiries to:
Coventry Bible College
Admissions Office
15 Primrose Drive
CV12 0GL

Or email: for further details about how to forward your completed application, along with its application fee to our Admissions Team.
Application for Admission

All questions on the application forms must be answered. If a question does not apply to you write ‘DNA’ (Does Not Apply) in the blank. Please write clearly, or type your responses. Applications MUST be signed and dated.
National Insurance Number

Coventry Bible College is required to obtain your National Insurance Number and a copy of your passport from all prospective students.
£20 Non-refundable Application Fee

The application process begins once your non-refundable Application Fee has cleared in our account.
You may pay by cheque or by cash in person. Please make cheques payable to Hebron Christian Faith Church, CBC A/C.
2 Current Passport Photographs ( can be sent by email or pasted with your full names written at the back of each photo)

Two recent (in the last 3 months) passport photos must be attached to your application. Your application will not be processed without these photos.
You Testimony

Your personal testimony should be included: approximately 500-1000 words. The admissions team is looking primarily for content, but your grammar and presentation should be your best. It is important to include your salvation experience, your current commitment to God including describing your service in your current church, and why you desire to attend Coventry Bible College.

There are 2 referrals required:
1) Church Ministers Referral
2) Personal Referral

Follow the directions on each and be certain to follow-up on your referee’s to ensure they have completed and posted the forms you have given them. Your application cannot be processed until we receive all references.
What to expect upon acceptance:
You will receive a letter notifying you of your acceptance.
You are then required to attend the Registration/Orientation Day. Details of the Registration Day will be included with your acceptance letter.

What to expect on Registration Day:
You will receive a student manual and be informed as to how the bible college operates.
You must pay your registration fee and arrange for the Standing Order for the required monthly amount to be set up.
You will meet some of your instructors and hear from the Director of Coventry Bible College.
There will be lectures on issues such as Time Management.
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