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Artisan Crafts and Gifts Shop
At No.8 we provide an excellent selling platform for our crafters. No.8 is situated on the High St in Johnstone's busy town centre. Johnstone is one of the only towns in the Central Belt which continues to thrive despite the major shopping centres in the area and it's close proximity to both Paisley and Glasgow.
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The space you select will be the MINIMUM space we will allocate your goods in our shops. At our discretion and where space allows we will always endeavour to spread your goods out over a larger area to offer more sales exposure to visiting customers.
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Tig Tag Events Ltd t/a No8 would prefer to collect your fees by direct debit to ensure we keep our administrative overheads low and can therefore keep your monthly costs low too. Please select your preferred payment method. All invoices will be issued on 25th or each month and fees collected on 1st of each month. If fees are not paid by 1st of the month goods may not be displayed for sale.
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