ESaaS 2e Instructor Survey
Dear colleague:

THANK YOU for letting us know about your needs as an instructor using ESaaS!

All responses are ANONYMOUS unless you fill in personally identifiable information, all of which is optional.

There are just 12 questions, mostly multiple choice, and it should take less than 10 minutes of your time.

I will ONLY use this info to improve the ESaaS materials to make them more useful to as many instructors as possible. Since we are preparing to re-launch the 2nd Edition courses on edX, I may share your (anonymous) responses (BUT NOT YOUR CONTACT INFO OR EMAIL, even if you provide it) with edX as well, to improve the delivery of the courses.

Thank you again for your continued support of improving software engineering education!

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Optional: name, institution, country. If you don't provide this info your response will be anonymous. *
Optional: email, if you would like Armando to follow up with you.
Which ESaaS 2e materials do you plan to use as an instructor? *
In general, where (else) do you go to locate and review content (especially digital) to integrate into your course?
How do you incorporate digital course content or materials from other professors (such as the ESaaS videos, assignments, ebook, etc.) into your courses? Check all that apply.
When evaluating others' materials (such as ESaaS) to use in your course, how important is the availability of each of the following types of materials?
Must have
Nice to have
Not so important
Lecture videos
Tutorial/"walk-through" videos
Pre-designed programming assignments
Autograding of programming assignments
Multiple-choice question banks
"Open-response" question banks
Instructors' Guide or other guidance for instructors
Exercises in textbook
Clear selection
Any other comments about how you select and use external course materials?
Approximately how many students total do you expect to teach this academic year using these materials? *
Do you plan to use at least some of our programming assignments (GitHub repos saasbook/hw-*)? *
If you are using our assignments but NOT using one of the available autograding options, what is/are the main reason(s)? (cost, difficulty of setup, difficulty of use, no TAs to help you set up, etc.)
If your primary language of instruction is not English, what is it, and how important do you think it would be for your students if the materials (video subtitles, book, assignments, etc.) could be translated?
Which topic(s) would you like to see MORE COVERAGE of in ESaaS?
Which topic(s) would you like to see LESS COVERAGE of in ESaaS?
Any other comments for Armando or edX?
If you have specific requests or comments for edX, please email Marianne Rocco,  As always, comments to Armando Fox <> are welcome.
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