Membership Application 2017-2018
Membership Fee

$35.00 per academic year or
$25.00 per semester
Both of which include a PPA t-shirt

Payment Options:
1) Pay cash at general meetings or at our carrel space
2) Online Payment (additional sales tax):
3) Credit card payment at general meetings or at our carrel space (additional sales tax)
4) Venmo: @UHPPA

All dues must be paid by the third general meeting (October 17th, 2017).

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Membership Agreement
As a member of PPA I agree to assume full responsibilities of membership. As a member, it should be my personal goal to attend general meetings, participate in broad and commutative volunteer events, and take part in organizational functions, all to the best of my ability.

I pledge to abide by the organizational constitution and bylaws, uphold the cause of the association, and adhere to the Student Life Policies of the University to the best of my ability, all to increase the value of membership in PPA.

I hereby swear that I have read the above, agree with, and will abide by what is expected. Violation will result in suspension of membership and may be adequate cause for initiation of disciplinary action, as dictated by University policy.

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