West Point Parents Needs Survey- Only One Survey Per Family Needed!
Family Resource and Youth Service Center serve children birth through middle school and offer a unique blend of programs and services to serve the special needs of their student and family populations. The goal is to meet the needs of all children and their families served by the centers as a means to enhance student academic success.
A list of a few of our services you may be familiar with include Family Fun Nights, Summer Recreation, 4H Club, Toddler Time, Christmas Assistance, Food Pantry and Clothes Closet, Back To School Readyfest, Backpack Program, Kindergarten Transition, Health Screenings for Dental, Hearing, and Vision to name a few.
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What Grade Is Your Child(ren) Currently In? List all the grades below if you have more than one child enrolled in school: *
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Do you need childcare or preschool for a child that is not in school? *
Does your family have health insurance? *
Does your family have dental insurance? *
Do you need help obtaining a GED? *
Are you expecting a baby or have a child not enrolled in school? If so, please list age(s). If not, leave blank.
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Which of the following do you think YOUR students need help with? *
What do you think are the top 3 health issues that interfere with student learning in our school? *
Choose up to THREE topics that you feel are most important for COLLEGE AND CAREER READINESS of the students at this school: *
Choose up to TWO topics that you feel are most important for ACADEMIC development of the students at this school: *
Do you read to your child? If so how many minutes a week _______(# of minutes) *
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Do you have internet access?
Do you need information on what your child is doing in the classroom and learn ways you can help? *
Are you interested in help for your child's poor behavior or attitude? *
Do you try to teach your child appropriate life and social skills (Decision making skills, good communication, healthy relationships) at home or do you expect them to be taught these skills at school? *
Does our school utilize the community? (Are we involved with the community and is our community involved in our educational needs?) *
What day of the week and time slot is the best time for you to attend after school events? Ex. Thursdays 5-7 pm? *
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How do you think our school could improve?
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