Nekocon Exhibitor Hall Vendor Application
First time exhibitors: The NekoCon, an Event Support Solution Inc. Event, (hereinafter NekoCon) Exhibitors Hall is a juried event, meaning NekoCon limits the type of merchandise that can be sold at the event, the number of exhibitors that can sell certain types of merchandise, and reserves the right to inspect and review any proposed merchandise. Exhibitors from previous years, guests and industry will get first priority. Once your application has been approved, you will receive the exhibitor packet and will be given payment options (including the option to pay online). If a deposit is not made within 30 days of approval (or balance paid by deadline) your booths will be released for general sale. DO NOT SEND PAYMENT UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED; any payment received that has not been confirmed will returned.

We will try and fulfill your request for booth placement within the hall as best we can, however keep in mind that not every exhibitor can be at the front of the hall, have endcaps or be along the walls. You will receive your booth number(s) after August 31st (or earlier). Also, be warned that you cannot do any of the following: purchase booths under your name for another exhibitor; share booths with any other exhibitor(s); transfer your booths to another exhibitor(s). Anyone caught doing any of these, may be ejected at the discretion of the Exhibitor Coordinator and/or Con Chair from the convention without a refund, and not permitted into the Exhibitors Hall at any future NekoCon or ESSI sponsored event.

Each booth is 10’x10' and includes: 8’ back drape & 3' side drape, one 8’x2’ draped table, two chairs (for first booth), two badges for 1st booth; one badge per booth thereafter. Additional badges and tables may be purchased.

The booth rate for all booths in the Exhibitors Hall is $525 for each booth. Payments can be made via checks, money order, or credit card invoice through Eventbrite. Cash can only be taken at Road Show Events that NekoCon road show attends. There is a fee to charge a credit card through our Eventbrite system for each transaction. Each exhibitor is allowed to reserve up to six booths. An initial deposit of at least half the total is due within 30 days of approval of acceptance into NekoCon’s Exhibitors Hall, with the balance due no later than August 31 or your booth(s) are forfeited. Booths paid for after August 31 are $600 each. We do not guarantee any sales, and reserve the right to refuse the sale of exhibitor booths to anyone for any reason. Requests for booth cancellations must be given no later than 60 days prior to the convention dates to be eligible for carry-over to the next convention year. Neither NekoCon nor ESSI will be held responsible for cancellations due to national emergency, civil disorder, governmental directive, natural disasters or Acts of God. Cancellations due to a personal emergency will be handled on a case by case basis upon receipt of written notice to the NekoCon Exhibitor Coordinator.
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