Toco Hills Shabbaton!
January 11 - 12
Shabbos in Toco Hills - not to be missed!!! Fill out this short form and you're one step closer to an amazing Shabbos!!!

Shabbat begins at 6:15PM so you would want to arrive in Toco Hills approximately 5:50pm or earlier to meet your host family and get ready for Shabbos. We'll have services together Friday night, enjoy amazing group Shabbos dinner, followed by a fun oneg! There will be optional services Saturday morning, Shabbos lunch with amazing host families, an exciting discussion in the afternoon followed by the holiest meal of Shabbat - Seudat Shlishi (3rd meal)! And Bowling and an Ice Cream Party Saturday night!

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If not it's OK - we'll try to create some carpools! Can you say "road trip"?!? There's also a possibility that carpools can be reimbursed for gas if you save the receipts!!!
If you are able to drive, how many people are you able to take?
How many besides yourself - don't include yourself in this number!
If you recall any of the families you have spent time with on a Toco Hills Shabbaton in the past please list them here.
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