Primary Market Research: e-learning courses
This 3 min survey is focused on e-learning market segmentation.
Please select the answer that most closely reflects your views.
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Why you use e-learning?
Why use elearning? For higher education, for a group in your office, for your personal skils in your job, for social learning in your comunity.
What benefits you expect from e-learning courses *
money, health, certifications like CISCO, Oracle etc...
Who can influence you to take a e-learning course *
money, health, certifications like CISCO, Oracle etc...
What source do you use for online courses or MOOC
Do you use agregators for online courses or MOOC? Which?
Do you buy online? *
Can you rate your willingness of buying a e-learning course in the future? *
Will never buy it
Will definitely buy one
What your primary reason for using marketing knowledge? *
How many e-learning courses you take by year? *
Do you share e-learning courses knowlege/information on social media? *
Have you ever heard of e-learning courses offer for common people? *
Do you want or intend in the future to use e-learning system to teach other people? *
In case a maketing courses offer for common people offer exist. Will you buy or subscribe for it? *
Which e-learning courses feature will make your buying decision? *
I like use to learn an e-learning course on my compluter or on a mobile device *
Please rate your preference on the following scale
I like using them on the mobile
I definitely prefer using them only on my computer
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