Transportation Request Protocol
Transportation Request Protocol

• To request transportation for an event fill out the Transportation Request form

Timeline Requirements (passenger cap/bus is 55)
• If more than 53 passengers, requests need to be made 3-4 weeks in advance
• If fewer than 53 passengers, requests need to be made 7-8 business days prior to event
• If more than one (1) bus is required, arrival times to school should be before 2pm-3pm
• CRJ vans are available between 10am-2:30pm

***All requests are considered by CR's Transportation Manager, Luis Torres
***Once the trip is booked, you can expect a confirmation number for your records
***Allow 3 days for request to be processed
***For cancellations, email or call Mr. Torres (Transportation Manager) IMMEDIATELY, to mitigate cancellation fees

Bus Transportation Costs

• Non-school days before 9:15 AM and after 2:15 PM
***$190 for three hours + $60/each additional hour***
• School days between 9:15 AM and 2:15 PM
***$160/3 hours + $60/each additional hour***

Cristo Rey Van Rental
*** requesting department is charged for cost of gas
***Contact Luis Torres to become a certified van driver
***If you require a driver, your department will be charged $15/hour to hire a CRJ certified driver

NOTE: Time is determined based on departure from the base and the time the bus returned at the base. For the most accurate prices, all information must be submitted to the bus company ASAP. Prices will be verfied as quickly as possible.

*There is a gas surcharge if fuel prices exceed $2.50 a gallon/determined by bus company
*Trailer rental costs are $80/day per trailer
*If trip exceeds 50 miles roundtrip, we are charged $1.50/additional miles(s)
*CRJ is assessed a $100 cancelation fee/bus

The Transportation Manager may drive a bus to an event only when drivers provided by the bus company are not available, and it does not impact previously scheduled event pick ups, including afternoon CWSP job shuttles.

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