Centennial HS 21/22 On-Line Common Application for Current Cen10 Students
Students interested in participating in AVID, Link Crew, Renaissance, Peer Counseling, Puente, UNITY, UMOJA, Upward Bound or Yearbook MUST complete this online application by Friday, April 9, 2021. Once students and parents sign the form, students are confirming their intent to apply and interview for each program indicated. For example, students who are applying to AVID and Puente are committing to interviewing for both programs. Please note that each program varies and some will require interviews, while others may not. After the application window closes on Friday April 9th, program coordinators and Club Advisors will be reaching out to students regarding interviews and/or next steps.

This first page is the video descriptions of the programs available for current Centennial students in grades 9-11. Please watch the videos for the programs you are interested in and then continue to the application on page 2.
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AVID Program - Advancement Via Individual Determination
Link Crew - Leadership Elective
Peer Counseling - Leadership Elective
Puente Program
Renaissance Leadership - Leadership Elective
Umoja Program
Unity - Leadership Elective
Yearbook - Leadership Elective
This course is designed with the primary function of producing a yearbook for the total student body. Students should seek enrollment out of a desire to work in one or more of the following areas: graphic design, written communication, typing, business skills, and/or photography. The staff shall be selected to insure a group that is well balanced in these performance areas. However, students will be expected to perform in all areas. If a student is interested in being a photographer, he/she should own (or have the use of) a 35mm camera. This course may be repeated for duplicate credit.
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