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High there... a warm welcome from all of us at Canadian Women in Cannabis (CWIC) - not for profit organization.

CWIC promotes equal opportunity for all to participate and prosper in the blooming cannabis space. Advocating for the advancement of women, indigenous women, disabled, disadvantaged, vulnerable persons and minority groups.

CWIC programs include our Collective - a channel to unite and connect members online. Also CWIC Socials/Meetings provide a way for people to meet and share ideas, interests and perspectives, in a safe and easy way.

Member Benefits:
- Each member of CWIC Collective will be included on our email list receiving up to date information and notices.
- Unite with Others to Connect - Amplify - Share and Empower
- Keep in the 'know' by attending events, socials and educational forums.

Member Registration Fee: please contribute by donation for your membership. (suggested $100 /year)
Donations can be made via e-transfer to CWIC:
(Please use security question: What is the organization name? - Answer: CWIC)

Open to Adults 18+ | Canadians & Global Citizens | Canadian Women in Cannabis

The CWIC Vision - "To Effect Change - For the Better"

CWIC COLLECTIVE - A channel for members to unite and connect via online community (social media) and at local meetings, socials, educational forums and events.

CWIC ADVOCACY - A channel for members to advocate to the Government (all levels), the Cannabis Industry and in local regions and communities. Add your name to be part of CWIC Advocacy - join our team and have your 'Say'

CWIC 4 pillars of Advocacy - what we value and stand for!

1. Sensible & Evidence based cannabis laws
2. Inclusivity, equity and diversity in the cannabis space
3. Cannabis Knowledge & Education, curated and shared widely
4. Sustainability of plant and environment

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Warm regards♥
Donna Jo
Canadian Women in Cannabis

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