Easter Bunny Letter 2023

Get your free personalized letter and activity sheets from the Easter Bunny!
After filling in this form you will receive in your email a printable personalized letter and one activity sheets to your child from the Easter Bunny.  

It is important that you only write EXACTLY what is asked in the questions below. Don't repeat the question in your answer or use any punctuation.

The Easter Bunny will start writing your child's letter right away! We can't wait for your cute kids to get their letters! Please tag Macaroni KID in any photos you post on social media with your child and their letters.

Feel free to fill out this form for each child that you have, so they each get their own special letter from the Easter Bunny!

If you are having troubles email annmariem@macaronikid.com  

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Child's Name *
Please put only the child's FIRST name.
Child's Town *
*Enter just the name of your city or town (i.e., Seattle not Seattle WA)
Just write the city or town you currently live in. Where Easter Bunny will come to bring presents, like Seattle.  You can be specific if you wish and put your area, like Key Peninsula, Fircrest, Highlands, however, you refer to your area.
Child's State *
Child's Country *
Child's Age *
*Enter just the number (i.e., 7, not Age 7)
Child's Accomplishments *
 *Finish this sentence "I was so happy to hear that you..." (i.e., "learned how to read", "learned how to use the potty", "are being kind to others", "are working hard on schoolwork") Note that the first word should start with a lower case letter.
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Last thing: Where did you see the ad for this? *
Happy Easter. The Easter Bunny will send your letter soon!
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