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Summer/Fall 2022 Application

Please answer the following questions so we can learn more about you and ensure that you are a good fit for these programs! This is a starting off point for us to know you, your interest, background, and how we can best serve you.
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Please share the three specific areas or goals you are looking for support with in your life, relationships, business, and/or purpose.
What challenges are you currently facing or looking to overcome in all areas of your life? Please be specific.
What do you do for work? Do you currently have a business? Please provide details such as how long you've been doing this, and what services you provide. *
Is there something (business, relationship, etc) that is calling for you to create or build it and get support with? *
What are your top intentions for this journey? *
Do you have a spiritual practice? If yes, please describe your practice and also what you gain from your commitment.
Why me (Leah) and why now? *
Have you worked with Leah before? Or with any other coaches/programs? If so, please provide details! *
Do you practice yoga and meditation? If yes, please share about your practice.
What yoga, personal development, transformational based courses, workshops, seminars or retreats you have completed?
Which of Leah's offerings sound most supportive for you at this time?
Are you ready to invest in yourself in order to create elevate your energy, uplift your mindset, and amplify your fulfillment?
To ensure you are a fit for your desired offer, what is the budget you've set aside or the amount you're willing to invest in yourself monthly at this time? *
Is there anyone else you would get to run by your financial decisions by? If so, do they know that you're interested in hiring a coach or investing in yourself and are they supportive?
If Leah should decide you are a good fit, when is your ideal start date? *
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Why do you think you're a fit for working with Leah? What would success look like for your work together?
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