UCAN – United Chamber Advocacy Network Business Survey re: Post-COVID Workforce Needs
The United Chamber Advocacy Network is a coalition of seven local chambers of commerce in Northern California, united to advance their members’ advocacy efforts at the state level.

Recently, chamber leaders have heard from member businesses that they are having difficulty hiring people to fill vacant positions, in part because individuals are receiving benefits close to or exceeding the wages the businesses are offering.

This survey is intended to test that hypothesis and provide direct feedback from local employers to our elected officials and support a call to action.

Thank you in advance for your responses to this brief survey….
Has your workforce been reduced since COVID related restrictions began in March, 2020?
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If your workforce is reduced, what is the primary cause of the reduction?
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Among those employees who decided to leave, what was their primary reason for leaving?
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Now that COVID restrictions are easing, are you seeking new employees?
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Are you having difficulty hiring for open/expanded positions?
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If you are having difficulty hiring, what is the primary reason, according to prospective employees?
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