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The Arizona Citizen Diplomacy Corps (AZCDC) provides Arizona residents with insight and exposure into the realm of foreign affairs and diplomacy through several distinct engagement opportunities, including interaction with participants of the State Department's exclusive International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP).

The AZCDC initiative is led by Global Ties Arizona in partnership with local and international like-minded organizations and educational institutions. Global Ties Arizona is a member of the World Affairs Council of America and Global Ties US.

Becoming a Professional Resource Host provides a unique, interactive, and mutually beneficial opportunity for international leaders and local experts to engage in discussions and explorations of topics. Professional Resource Hosts are the core of the visitor's experience while participating in IVLP and the opportunities to collaborate, connect, and create is endless.

Expectations of Professional Resource Host are as follows:

1. Any business, department, or organization, big or small, is encouraged to volunteer as a professional resource for the myriad of variously-themed IVLP projects assigned to Arizona via Global Ties Arizona.

2. Professional resources typically provide a 1.5-2 hour meeting, workshop, and/or tour when a relevant delegation is scheduled. The meeting can be either formal or informal so long as it is engaging to the visitors and vis versa.

3. The Global Ties Arizona Program Officer will be in touch once an appropriate project is assigned. Project objectives and topics are coordinated well in advance of the meeting and the Program Officer will also send along additional visitor information, including visitor biographies and any relevant cultural notes.

4. It is highly encouraged to allocate approximately 20 minutes for questions from the participants. The most successful meetings integrate the purpose of the exchange by encouraging input from the participants and their home countries.

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