GT Educator Grant Application Form
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GC-SAGE's GT Educator Members are invited to apply for a grant for training, conferences, or classroom materials.

Applicant must be a current classroom teacher or administrator in the Grapevine-Colleyville Independent School District (GCISD), who teaches gifted students or supports classroom teachers with gifted students.

Applicant must be a current member of GC-SAGE (

Grant funds are intended to provide training/conference or classroom materials that would not have otherwise been available.

Email questions to:
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Apply for a grant for training, conferences or classroom materials below.
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Complete the Bio if you are applying for a grant for training/conference or classroom materials.
Bio - Who you are, what you do
Include a link to your resume OR copy and paste your resume in the box below OR Please summarize your experience and background in gifted education — use bullet points or paragraphs. We'd like to know about any graduate course work, certifications, etc., that related to gifted education (include number of hours and year(s) completed). If you wish, also provide a link to your professional / classroom web page(s). Tell us if you have a specialty within the field of gifted education.
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Request funds for Training/Conference
Training/Conference: Title, Date, Location, Importance
Also include a link to the conference web page. Please give a personal statement that includes why this training or conference is important and how it contributes to your personal growth as a GT educator.
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Training/Conference: $ Amount Requested
What would this cover? Please let us know if there is an early-bird registration deadline.
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Request funds for Classroom Materials
Classroom Materials: Describe the materials you need, and how they would support your work.
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Classroom Materials: $ Amount Requested
Please state how much you are requesting, and what would this amount cover?
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Approval + Recap
My principal has approved this request. My principal's name and email address is:
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Indicate your agreement to to communicate the best takeaways from your experience to SAGE teachers and parents. *
Check the items you would consider doing — or you are invited to think of another creative way to share about your experience:
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