WI Idea STEM Fellows–Summer 2018 (Research from all disciplines welcome, Carbone Cancer connections will be supported for August 4th Saturday Science event)
Wisconsin Idea STEM Fellows registration/application
Wednesday, June 27th 4pm-8pm, , Orchard View room in the Discovery Building (dinner provided)
Wednesday July 11th 4pm-8pm, Orchard View room in the Discovery Building (dinner provided)
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To ensure you get the most benefit from this program please review all commitments to verify that you are available for all program requirements: 1. Watch informational presentation (link will be sent to you in June prior to the workshop). 2. Attend both Wisconsin Idea STEM Fellow workshops: Wednesday, June 27th 4pm-8pm and Wednesday, July 11th 4pm-8pm, Orchard View room in the Discovery Building. 3. Prepare an Exploration Station for the August 4th Saturday Science event. 4. Participate in one prototyping session or Discovery Incubator build session. 5. Fully participate in three public events in the upcoming 12 months using your exploration station.
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