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Following a discussion on the peer support Facebook group Tea & Empathy in 2017, we set up a scheme to provide 1-1 peer support to FY1 doctors. The first year of being a doctor can be a real struggle for many reasons, and there are plenty of doctors willing to help, provide a listening ear, reassurance, debrief, drink tea together, whatever needed. We created a kind of Buddy system... the pilot year in 2017 worked well for some FY1s, less well for others, so we're committed to gradually making some tweaks, and this year have expanded to hopefully be bigger and better than ever! We would always appreciate hearing from you with suggestions on how to improve it.

If you'd like to be a buddy to an FY1 starting in August 2019, please complete this form to be allocated a FY1.

We would like to try to pair you with someone working at your hospital, or nearby (e.g. if you're a GP, an FY1 in the same area as you), so you can meet face to face. This isn't always possible, if we don't have any buddies in an area where there's an FY1 wanting a buddy. If so, we may need to pair you with a FY1 somewhere else that you could contact by phone/email/skype.

We are asking every pair that are geographically near each other to start with at least one face to face meeting, and every pair that are geographically far to start with a FaceTime/skype/facebook messenger video call, to get to know each other initially. We would also like you to share your mobile number with your FY1. Please only sign up if you would be willing to do all of this.
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