Public Media Institute Presents - Cultural Events, Exhibitions +/or Artwork Proposal Form
Events, exhibition + artwork proposals for Co-Prosperity Sphere exhibitions are typically reviewed twice yearly by a heterogeneous committee of 8-12 artists.

Due Dates are June 29th for review in July and December 30 for review in January.

Any proposals selected by this process should be ready to engage the space 6-18 months after selection' during the intervening time, the PMI community will support the artists and organizers in planning, press, funding, install, and other logistics.

One night exhibitions can sometimes be booked with less advance notice but must be carried out in full by the proposing applicant, who must produce the exhibition and return the space and walls to original condition. PMI cannot contribute promotional, installation, or other logistical support for these exhibitions, which, if accepted, are subject to minor staffing and overhead charges. Rentals are not subject to as long a review process and can be proposed with a separate rental form:

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