💥What's Next‽ Crew List💥

Thank you for your interest in the What's Next‽ Production Crew! This form will be used to source Professional Labor & Technicians all across the globe. We are looking for specialists to fill the following positions: PA, CARP/HAND, AV TECH, A2, L2, V2, PROJECTIONIST, A1, L1, V1, FORK/LULL OPS, PM, ME, DOWN RIGGER & UP RIGGERS!  

In addition, to this survey, feel free to send a resume or short email of introduction to: Darby@WhatsNextCrew.Com. You can update your info at anytime by revisiting the link ⚡ See Bottom of Survey for List of Our Job Descriptions!  
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💥What's Next‽ 💥Crew List💥
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Have you worked with What's Next‽ Productions before? If so, please remind us which year, which gigs & with whom from the What's Next‽ Crew you worked with!
Example: Jason Darby - Rigging Team - Tomorrow World 2015 // EDC 2016 - Pyrotechnic Team // Maggie R & Atefeh G - Promo Team for Red Light, Starr Hill, Floyd-fest, Disco Biscuits, Bonnaroo
Do you know a particular City, Greater Area, Region or Venue very well? List them here...
Normal Job Role(s) & Rate(s)
Example:       Utility/Loader - $15        Audio, Lighting or A/V Tech - $20                                                                                                       Other Roles: PA, Carp, Equipment Handler, Camera OP, A2, L2, V2, Projectionist, A1, L1, V1 PM, ME, Up Rigger, Down Rigger
Job Description Section
A1 (Audio Engineer):  Expert engineer responsible for the audio system. The A1 directs the set up, placement, tuning, operation, and strike of the main audio system. The A1 may also participate in pre-production of the audio design. This position is designated as, but not limited to, front-of-house engineer or monitor engineer.

A2 (Audio Assist):  Audio specialist who assists the A1 with set up, show, and strike. The A2 assists with running of cables, rigging audio systems, front-of-house and monitor control, backline, stage lines (bands, etc.), management of wireless-microphone frequencies, and other duties designated by the A1.

AV Tech Operate/Floater:  General AV technician who operates or floats simple break-out room sets and exhibit floors, services end clients and presenters, ensures smooth meeting flow, and assists with break-out rooms, re-sets, and strikes.

AV Tech Set/Strike:  General AV technician for loading and unloading of trucks, setting up, and striking of equipment. AV Techs are mainly used for the setting of meeting rooms and exhibits and have a fair knowledge of audio, lighting, and video.

Camera Operator:  Trained and experienced camera operator working at a fixed position.

Camera Operator – Hand-held:  Trained and experienced camera operator working at a non-fixed position.

Master Carpenter:  Assembles staging, set, and prop pieces. Responsible for bringing all tools to complete job.

Carp~2 (Carpenter Assist) Responsible for bringing all personal tools as outline by Master Carpenter.

Computer Network Tech:  IT professional for setting up and servicing networks, complex computer systems, and similar activities. All WNC network technicians are MSCE Certified.

Computer Tech:  General computer technician who sets and strikes computers, and installs and troubleshoots basic software issues. These technicians do NOT set up networks.

LED Tech:  Assists the LED programmer with assembly, troubleshooting and strike.  

LED Programmer:  A highly experienced technician proficient with various LED wall products, processors and programming systems.

L1 (Master Electrician):  Works directly with the lighting programmer. The L1 leads the lighting set up. This includes interpreting the lighting plot for rig and light fixture placement, assignment of dimmer patches, and final focus. May also program and operate simple lighting systems.

L2 (Electrician Assist):  Lighting specialists who places lighting elements, builds truss, and assists in the focus of the lighting system.  May also operate spotlights during show.

Lighting Programmer/Director (LD):  Designs the “Look” for the show and oversees set up of the lighting system.  Programs and operates lighting board and is responsible for lighting cues during show.  Pre-production involvement is highly recommended.

Projectionist (DLP):  Expert in the placement and of DLP-projection displays. The projectionist troubleshoots, color matches, and ensures correct color and black levels. Clients should specify the make and model of the projector they intend to use to ensure the provision of the most qualified technician.

Projectionist (LCD):  Expert in the placement and configuration of LCD-projection displays. The projectionist troubleshoots, color matches and ensures correct color and black levels. Clients should specify the make and model of the projector they intend to use to ensure the provision of the most qualified technician.

PowerPoint Designer:  Expert in PowerPoint design and creation. This person works closely with the client/presenter to construct PowerPoint presentations/show graphics for all aspects of design and content. Pre-show construction of presentations/show graphics is highly recommended.

PowerPoint Operator: Expert in the operation of show computers for the editing of PowerPoint presentations and other computer-generated displays. The operator is also responsible for slide cueing and advancement. The operator can also assist in the creation of presentations/show graphics.

Spot Operator:  An operator, usually an L2-level technician, proficient at operating various types of spotlights (not to include truss spot)

Stagehand:  General labor who assists in load-in, set-up, strike, and load-out.  Stagehands are NOT AV Techs or A2'S or L2’s. Their main role is to assist with laborious task such as stage building, set piece placement, truss placement, case pushing, cable runs, scaffold building, and heavy lifting of various equipment.

Digital Media/Playback Pro Operator:  An expert in the operation of professional media playback systems, with a complete understanding of Playback Pro and other digital playback systems.  Manages and executes all playback cues.  Sets up and maintains all specified recordings, including audio record levels during show.  Also labels and delivers all digital material after show.

Technical Director:  Responsible for video presentation. Generally calls camera shots and switches the show.  All technical directors provided by WNC must have broadcast, corporate, and live-event experience.

Truck Loader:  Labor for loading and unloading of trucks.  

V1 (Video Engineer):  A highly trained and experienced expert who bears ultimate responsibility for the video display system. The V1 directs the construction, wiring, and timing of the video system. The V1 also color-matches and shades cameras, routes video signals to record bays, projection, and numerous other mediums. This includes Folsom Screen Pro and Screen Pro Plus operators.

V2 (Video Assist):  A video specialist who assists the V1, projectionist, or tape op in setting and striking of video equipment, running, and labeling cables, building cameras, and similar activities. The V2 may also assist with camera shading during show run.

WORKING LEAD:  A working lead is required for a crew of 10-17 and is the lead technician (or senior) on the labor call in a billable position. The responsibility of the Working Lead is to act as general liaison to the on-site project manager. The working lead facilitates the check-in of crew, designates techs to areas assigned by the project manager. Informs the project manager when breaks and meals need to occur. Also informs the project manager of any and all contractual overtime occurrences.  When not performing the aforementioned duties the Working Lead will perform his or her duties as a technician in whatever capacity they are designated.
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