Commission Form -  Mudavaye
Please be sure to describe what you would like to the best of your ability. If you choose to leave some options empty it gives me more creative freedom!

Brief Terms!
• Payment is taken upfront through PayPaI invoice + Prices are in GBP
NO REAL PEOPLE for Character Drawing commissions (Twitch Art + Chibis are fine)
No Detailed Backgrounds, Complex Armour or NSFW (Pin-Ups are fine).
• I DON'T DO Pepe Emotes, Portraits or Logo designs.
• I DON'T accept work intended for NFT/Crypto/Blockchain use and commissions may NOT be used for this purpose.
• I'm entitled to turn down a commission
• I won’t offer refunds after the commission(s) has been started
• And finally, multiple revisions/changes may cost extra
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Email *
Where is the best place to contact you if I accept your commission? *
Preferably via Email or Twitter DM - Please provide your username if going with Twitter
What commission(s) would you like? *
Please note that 1 selection = 1 commission slot
Any extra characters in the commission piece? **
Multiple characters will incur an additional fee
** Ignore if requesting Twitch Badges/Emotes
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Do you intend to use the commission on physical Merch? *
A merch quote will apply -  Quotes vary per client / piece
Link(s) to reference of character(s)
Can be images shared on Google Drive, Dropbox, Toyhouse, Discord, Imgur, Gyazo etc. 
If you don't have links online please email/DM me the references provided I accept the commission.
If you don't have drawings of the character and only pictures for inspiration please be specific with what you have in mind for the end result.
Please note I don't accept commissions of real people for Character Drawings comms.
Specific details
Please describe any details on the artwork that must be included such as any marks, scars, colour clothing, hairstyle etc. Provide reference links in the previous answer or here if possible.
What pose(s) for the character(s)?
Please describe in as much detail as possible and/or provide links to any references for poses.
If you don't provide a reference or idea for poses I'll do a few sketch ideas and you can choose from those.
You can leave this blank if you provided this info already previously.
Extra details
Any extra details may incur an additional fee depending on what it is, please note I do not offer detailed backgrounds yet for any offered commission as the focus is on the character/emote
Additional fees base price starts at £10
Please describe the Extra details (if any Extras were selected) 
Provide reference if those weren't included previously
Would you be OK with me posting the commission to my social media and/or streaming the commission to Twitch? *
If yes, with what social media handle should I tag you with?
Final artwork is likely to be posted to my Portfolio, Twitter or Instagram
My Terms of Service (Must read) *
Please check that you've read and understand my Brief Terms above and TOS before submitting:
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