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Please note we are only accepting applications specifically for the cats listed below. If you have any questions about adopting, please email Please only submit ONE APPLICATION FORM, even if you are interested in multiple cats - if you do not match to the cat of your choice, you may be matched with another cat that suits your preference.
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We are ONLY accepting applications specifically for the cats listed below. Please select any cats you are interested in applying for.
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This proof can be listed on your lease agreement or in a form of an email from the landlord or leasing company.
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This includes the cost of quality wet and dry food, litter, flea and worm protection, top-up vaccines, toys and scratching posts, regular vet care, and emergencies.
Do you understand that cats need regular check-ups at the vet? *
If a cat starts to hide or show a change in personality, behaviour, or diet, this can mean they are in pain and need to be taken to a vet.
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Cat scratch posts are recommended and will help with scratching.
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CDPA requires a virtual home check through WhatsApp video call where we ask you for a virtual tour of your home. *
We require at least one owner of the house or primary lease holder to be in the video call. A virtual home check is required instead of a member of CDPA visiting your home because of current COVID-19 restrictions.
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I confirm that I am over 18 years of age. I agree that all statements I have made on this form are true. If it is found that any statement I have made on this form are not true and/or I can not show proof of payment of the agreed Adoption Donation Fee, the adopted animal can be confiscated. If for any reason after I adopt, I am unable to keep it, I will return the animal(s) to the CDPA. *
If you not hear from us, it does not mean that your interest was not suitable, it just means that there were others ahead of you. We will contact you when we can match the suitable cat(s) with your application. When you "SUBMIT" your interest, the CDPA will be notified and will retain your personal data in accordance to GDPR regulations. You can opt out of this at any time and withdraw your application by emailing Please note that your application may be shared within CDPA and its volunteers to facilitate the processing of your application. Any further correspondence (emails/calls/messages/photos/videos/etc) to individual volunteers, may be shared internally to CDPA and to other volunteers to facilitate the processing of your queries. CDPA does not share your information with any Third Parties. 'CDPA' refers to The Cat and Dog Protection Association in affiliation with the ISPCA. I have read and understood the above. *
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