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Why are you interested in doing non-fiction storytelling coaching with me? (List at least 3 reasons)
What is your biggest challenge when it comes to sharing your life lessons, views and vision with those outside your inner circle?
What have you done to address the challenges answered in the above question? What worked and didn’t work?  
What would be the best possible outcome from our coaching together? Please be specific with this
What is the worst-case scenario that might result from our sessions?  
What is really stopping you from showing up more in the world? What is stopping you from creating, publishing and expressing yourself to those outside of your intimate circle?
If you had a magic wand, what would an ideal solution to this be?
Which writers, speakers and public personalities do you admire and inspiring?
 Which books, videos, movies and/or podcasts do you really enjoy and find inspiring?
What your five most unique personal gifts? What are the five things  you would do in the world even if you were never paid for it?
What are five things which get you really EXCITED?
What kind of world are you helping to co-create? In an ideal world, what does the future look like...?
Do you have any digital platforms I can look at for reference? Personal website, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, blog, publications?
How do you feel about guided meditation and visualisations?
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Do you currently have any personal practices to self-regulate your nervous system? (E.g: yoga, prayer, weightlifting, meditation, etc?)
Have you ever done coaching before? If so, in what capacity?
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How much of time do you have to spend on this right now? How many hours per week? How many months would you like to work together for right now?
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