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Note: This program will take place on the Monterey campus.
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Expand Your Leadership Mindset & Skillset
The Dare to Lead Program is a seven-week program that aims to provide an opportunity to reframe the way you think about leadership, strengthen foundational leadership skills, and engage opportunities to practice and apply your learning. The program format is structured to help participants connect with colleagues who share similar goals. The cohort will meet as a full group and also be broken into groups of 3-4 participants for small group meetings throughout the program.
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Invest in Your Development
The Dare to Lead program involves seven hours of in-person meetings and approximately ten hours of individual work over the course of seven weeks. The following questions help break down the time commitment and ensure you will be able to fully participate. PLEASE NOTE: It is absolutely fine to miss a few sessions, if you feel that you can participate in about 60% of the program, please complete this form and feel free to add comments to the "Scheduling Notes" section below.

Full-Group Sessions (4 total hours) *
There will be four 60-minute full group sessions that take place every other week during the program. Full group sessions will be facilitated interactive workshops that engage the book material and provide opportunities for practice. In order to participate in the program, we ask that you make an effort to join as many of the in-person sessions as possible.
Small Group Meetings (3 total hours) *
You will be asked to schedule three 60-minute small group meetings that take place between the full group sessions. Small group meetings of 3-4 people will be an opportunity to discuss and reflect on the reading with discussion questions provided to help guide the conversation.
Individual Reading & Reflection (approx. 10 hours) *
Individual work will include reading the book (approx. 300 pages) and preparing for small group discussions by spending a few minutes reading and reflecting on the discussion questions in advance.
Scheduling Notes
It is absolutely fine to miss a few sessions of this program due to conflicts or vacations, if you feel that you can participate in at least 60% of the program, we still encourage you to sign up. If you have any known conflicts or scheduling concerns, let us know here.
Nominate a Colleague
Is there a colleague that you would like to have join you in this program? Reach out to them directly or nominate them here to receive an individual invitation to join the program (nominations are anonymous).
Thank you for joining!
We look forward to our first meeting. Details will be shared via email once they have been finalized.
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