Remote Learning Application Form
2020-2021 School Year

Application Deadline: Prior to starting remote learning

Those who enroll in the Remote Learning option will remain remote at all times and
receive their instruction/work from teachers through Google classroom or Seesaw.
Students will remain full-time remote learning regardless of COVID case rates. 

Students will connect daily via live stream from the onsite classroom and Google classroom /
Seesaw. This is daily attendance for instruction with a teacher through a live-stream
connection to the classroom from 8:10-3:25 (9:25-3:25 Wed) for grades PreK-5; 7:55-
3:10 (9:10-3:10 Wed) for grades 6-8; and 7:50-3:05 (9:05-3:05 Wed) for grades 9-12.

The Remote Learning option gives students the opportunity to receive the same education
their onsite peers are receiving and feel connected through Google classroom / Seesaw.
This would be an option for PreK-12 students. Elementary specials and select secondary
electives will not be available in the Remote Learning option. Remote Learning students
will not be eligible for extra-curricular activities. The option could be re-evaluated at the
end of each quarter grading period and a decision to extend the Remote Learning option
or revise to an Onsite Learning option could be made at that time.

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The request is for your child to attend school from a remote location. Please verify that:
Daily Attendance requirements can be met. *
Technology requirements (strong internet connection and suitable laptop/tablet) are adequate for live-stream and digital content connection *
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By signing below, the parent/guardian acknowledges and agrees that all information above is correct. The parent/guardian also agrees to follow all guidelines outlined in the Rose Hill Schools COVID Operations Guideline Summary. *
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