East End Community Services: Grocery Survey for 405 Xenia Ave.
This survey is adapted from market research conducted by Gem City Market, who generously shared their survey.
How important to you is it that there is a regular grocery store within walking distance of East End/Twin Towers?
Not at all important
Very important
Clear selection
When purchasing groceries, which of the following items have the most influence on where you shop?
1 (Not Important)
5 (Important)
Variety of other stores near by
Merchandise selection
Shopping atmosphere
Helpful, knowledgeable, friendly personnel
Store hours
Sale of specific items
Little traffic congestion
How employees are treated by the business
Coffee shop in the grocery
Pharmacy in the grocery
Bank in the grocery
Clear selection
On what day do you typically do most of your grocery shopping?
Clear selection
What time of day do you typically start your grocery shopping trip?
Clear selection
On average, how far do you now travel to shop for groceries?
Clear selection
Which of the following is the most frequent way you get to the grocery store now?
Clear selection
On average, how much money do you spend per week on groceries and related items?
Clear selection
What would be important for a Xenia Ave. grocery store to get your business?
1 (Not Important)
5 (Important)
Convenient parking
Low prices
Gourmet food
Natural food
Freshly prepared foods
Large selection of produce
Large selection of food products
Friendly, neighborhood atmosphere
Additional services (example: pharmacy)
How the customers are treated
How the employees are treated
Support growth along Xenia Ave.
Create more local jobs
Great customer service
Clear selection
How frequently do you purchase the following items at a grocery store or supermarket?
Fresh fruits and vegetables
Meat and fish
Dairy products and eggs
Non-alcoholic beverages
Frozen foods
Breads and bakery items
Prepared foods (soups, salads)
Deli items, lunchmeats
Ethnic foods
Canned goods
Snack foods
Convenience foods (Hamburger Helper, etc.)
Paper products
Hygiene or beauty products
Cleaning supplies
Pet food
Clear selection
Are there other items that you would like to see offered in the store? We are particularly interested to know if there are any ethnic or cultural foods or products you would like to see.
The following questions are for our market research ONLY.
What is the intersection of streets nearest your house? This will be used to disaggregate responses by neighborhood.
Please tell us about the person who handles most of the grocery shopping for your household.
Age group
Clear selection
Clear selection
Ethnic identity (check all that apply)
Number of children under 18 in household
Thank you for your time!
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