ASOMM Working Group on Mineral Information and Database respects to the significance of public recognition and need on AMDIS either statistic or technical information. We therefore would like to get your support in order to improve connection of AMDIS. We design online questionnaire for this purpose and suppose to get your support on this matter.
Instructions : Please put a tick in the box next to the answer of your choice or write in the space provided as the case other
1. E-mail of respondent
Your answer
Part 1 : Respondent Information
2. Category of respondent
Part 2 : AMDIS Perception
1. Do you know the meaning of AMDIS?
2. Do you know accessibility to AMDIS portal?
3. How do you get the AMDIS portal?
4. How many times do you access to AMDIS portal ?
5. Do you think that AMDIS provides significant information supporting your decision ?
6. Do you think that you will follow the AMDIS ?
7. Do you think that AMDIS should be restructuring ?
If answer is "yes", please do the question in Part 3.
8. Please score your impression on AMDIS.
is the least.
is the most.
9. What do you want from AMDIS?
Your answer
Part 3 : AMDIS restructuring
1. Please notify the top-4 categories of information that should be urgently improve.
2. Please share your information need that must be available in AMDIS.
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