RSVP: Intro to Twine

Date: Sunday, September 23
Time: 2:30 - 3:30 PM
Location: Franklin Hall, room 062

Twine is an open-source, free-to-use tool for creating interactive, non-linear stories. In this workshop, we’ll introduce you to the basics of creating your own pieces of interactive fiction in Twine. Because Twine publishes directly to HTML, you can share your work nearly everywhere, including personal blogs.

Twine is one of the leading tools for showcasing the portfolios of video game writers and interactive storytellers. It can also be used for prototyping story ideas for larger projects. Whether you want to start developing your own creative writing portfolio, or use Twine for prototyping, this workshop will get you started and on your way to creating your own interactive stories. No previous programming or game design experience is required for this workshop!

This workshop takes place in a computer (Mac) lab, but you may bring your own laptop to the event if you prefer working from your personal device.

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