Annecy Base Camp Business Incubator // 2019 Application
>> To apply, all you need is an innovative idea and to not yet have created your company.
All applications will be evaluated and selected based on the following criteria:
- The business potential of the project and the ability to created jobs in the area,
- The innovative nature of the solution for end-users/customers in the sports and/or outdoor sports market,
- To what extent the project is environmentally-conscious and sustainable,
- How well the entrepreneur and the project are matched.

>> All applicants agree to send in their application by March 22, 2019, and to make themselves available for the preselection and selection process.

>> Your application will be reviewed on April 4, 2019, for preselection by a jury made up of members of the OSV executive team and project partners. In the event your application is preselected, you will be asked to make a presentation in front of the entire selection committee made up of managers an executives from OSV member companies* who will decide what projects will enter the business incubator this year. To evaluate which preselected projects will be accepted into the incubator this year, chosen applicants will make a 10 minute oral presentation in front of the selection committee. This presentation will take place on April 11 and 12, 2019. Once a project has been selected, the applicant agrees to be available to start phase 1 of the incubator program on May 13, 2019.
*All of the individuals involved sign a non-disclosure agreement for each project application. All information provided will remain completely confidential.

>> The personalized support provided by the incubator represents an investment co-financed by our public partners, OSV, and the entrepreneur. For more information regarding this amount, please feel free to contact us:

Please provide us with a primary contact.
If there are several of you, you will have the opportunity to provide information for all project members in the dedicated section at the end of this questionnaire.
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What funds do you currently have available to finance your project? *
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What level of financing do you think you will need to in order to launch your project? *
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Why and how was your idea born? (10 lines max.) *
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What are the 3 key benefits does your product/service provide to users/customers? lines max.) *
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At what stage is your project?
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Have you clearly defined and validatedof your product/service offering? *
Have you conducted a market test of your concept (with users/customers)? *
Have you clearly defined your target customer/user base? *
Have you defined a viable business model? *
Have you established the project team? *
Have you conducted revenue / expenses forecast? *
Do you currently have a viable prototype?
Who is on the project team? What are the backgrounds and strengths of each team member? What are your synergies? *
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What is your primary motivation for becoming an entrepreneur?
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What is your 4 to 5 year plan?
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What more can you add to incite us to select your application?
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Please insert a link to your Linkedin profile (if one exists) and/or send us the CV/resume for each team member to
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What are your expectations with regard to the Annecy Base Camp business incubator? *
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What specific business needs for your project have you identified and/or started to work on (target market, budget/funding, marketing strategy, web...)? *
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In the long run, where would you like your company to be located? *
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How did you hear about the Annecy Base Camp business incubator? *
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Do you already receiving some form of support? *
If yes, what type?
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Have you already sent applied to enter another business incubator/accelerator/nursery? *
If yes, where?
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Please feel free to provide us with whatever additional documents you have (a draft business plan...) to bolster your application. Send via email to:

The Annecy Base Camp team would like to thank you for your application. We will contact you within two weeks after the application deadline to inform of the outcome of the preselection process. Preselected applicants will be asked to make a face-to-face presentation in front of the incubator's selection committee.

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