G3 Scholarship Application - Travel
Students with a financial need who are active participants on the team, have attended shop hours regularly, and met academic requirements may be eligible for a travel scholarship. Please submit application no later than January 18, 2019 for district and state events. Houston scholarship to be completed by April 8, 2019 if applicable..

Eligibility requirements to be verified by leadership team/coaches/mentors:

* Completed shop quizzes
* Attended the shop at least once every other week (no less than 12 shop days to date)
* Met academic requirements (80+ overall avg, no lower than 70 in any class)
* Active participation on the team
* Attended FRC kick-off on January 5th OR provided an excuse of why they could not attend.

Because scholarship funds are limited, each application will be evaluated and ranked based on need and the student’s level of involvement on the team. There is a comment section below if you would like to provide more information.

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Parent/Guardian Contact Name (if applying on behalf of the student)
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What is the student's role on the team? *
What do you do at the shop every day? How do you contribute to the team? If you are not very involved yet, then what are your aspirations on the team? Be specific. Recommended answer length is 2-3 sentences.
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Select the event(s) you are requesting a travel scholarship for: *
Half-Scholarship (You pay 50%)
Partial Scholarship (You pay $50 to help cover food costs)
Worlds - Houston, TX (April 17-20) (Scholarships for Houston will be determined once team qualifies and costs are determined)
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All information submitted on this application will be kept confidential. Only the team captain, team coaches, and school administrators will have access to this information. *
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