Caregivers' SEED Course | SEED照顧者課程
Self-value, Empower, Educate, and Protect from Dangers (SEED) Course strengthens the community's GROWTH, WELL-BEING and SAFETY. Join this FREE SEED course now!

SEED Course are created by Be Priceless, ​an educational non-profit organization supporting children and families to be well and safe.

Learn life-changing skills by taking part in the SEED Course! SEED courses are developed by many experts (doctors, teachers, counsellors, social workers, public health professionals, and more), community leaders and children. It is based on evidence and best practices, including the WHO’s recommendations.

We support your learning through discussions, animations and activities. Participants will also receive a SEED course completion certificate at the end.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, our courses will be taught ONLINE.

Caregivers' Course Content:
1) Positive parenting -- how to communicate empathetically with our children
2) Supporting our children's growth and learning
3) Increase our children's wellbeing
4) Increase our children's capacity for safety

All courses are FREE OF CHARGE!

After you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion.
For more information, contact us by email, or call us/Whatsapp us at 9373 4453.

Learn more about Be Priceless at our website:
自我價值、賦權力量、教育和遠離危險 (SEED) 課程旨在加強所有人的幸福感和安全。


所有 SEED 課程均由不同領域的多元文化專家(教師、心理輔導員、社會工作者、醫生、護士、公共衛生專業人員、研究人員等)和社區成員開發。


SEED 課程有趣和互動,能幫助您獲得額外的力量來促進幸福感和安全!


1) 正面育兒、富有同理心的溝通和 SEED 課程介紹。
2) 加強孩子的個人成長和學習
3) 加強兒童的幸福感
4) 加強兒童安全

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