2016 LCT Directors Lab Workshops and Reunion Party: RSVP by Wednesday, August 3rd!
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Here's today's schedule:

1pm-3pm--- THE HOLLOWER is a haunt-comedy about how crowded isolation can be. Bit, a Danish exchange student at a Florida high school, is obsessed with seventeenth century Canada. She is making a Claymation film about its brutal trading of Parisian girls with her crush Wilkin Rush George III ("backward name guy"), her artistic collaborator and senior heartthrob who does not share the attraction. Victoria Ottley-Borlo, aka Otto, an unemployed and recently singled lesbian (“I’m like a nun but not for any purpose”) is Bit’s unwitting host, preoccupied with the haunts of The Pigman, who began appearing on her porch, but has recently ventured into the house, snacking on stale food and giving Otto physical examinations. All the while, Otto’s ex-partner Chadic is in faraway places, working for U.S. cyber security, fixing or causing internet outages, remembering and forgetting things, coming to terms with her curse, and wondering if she’ll ever come back home. Working on this profoundly complicated new work by Liza Birkenmeier at our LCT home-base with designer Josh Smith and an extraordinary cast, we’re learning so much about how social constraints (real or imagined) shape feminine narratives for both the men and women inhabitants of the "now." Directed by Kristy Dodson.

3:30pm-5pm--- I WANT A COUNTRY is a contemporary Greek play by Andreas Flourakis, directed by Lab director Menelaos Karantzas, which examines the aftermath of the financial crisis on a personal and collective level: the crisis today which has led to immigration, violence and the loss of social stability. The play considers whether the future will bring hope or despair. Its chorus-like structure makes it flexible for performance by any number of actors while its subject matter is undeniably universal, making it relevant for worldwide audiences. The challenge of connecting the material with actors of different cultures and backgrounds has been addressed throughout our three-week workshop. The play, translated into English by Alexi Kaye Campbell, is presented with an ensemble cast of 12 actors, underscoring its diversity and encouraging multiple voices to be heard, in a space shared by performers and spectators that promotes interaction among them. The play is supported by a soundscape created by sound designer Pornchanok (Nok) Kanchanabanca.

5pm-7pm--- Lab reunion and pizza party! Enter at the LCT Vivian Beaumont lobby. Come see old friends and remember your time in the Lab.


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