We're looking for reviewers for MAYBE IT'S YOU by Christy Hayes. This is a New Adult Inspirational Contemporary Romance.

Content Warnings (this is a note from the author): This is a Christian Romance based in the real world. There is talk of sex and some characters drink and the hero used to do drugs, so you know what you are getting into before you agree to review.

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Reagan Bellamy’s neighbor, Dash Carter, refuses to wither under her stare. Reagan’s too busy to waste time on a loser with musical pipe dreams. Between classes and her need to stay ahead of the game, she’s got too much on her plate to give him the time of day.

For the first time in a long time, Dash Carter feels optimistic about the future. He’s clean, he’s on a good path, and he’s surrounded himself with people who make life better. Unfortunately, his beautiful neighbor still thinks he’s a slacker, bothering Dash more than it should. When Dash inadvertently puts Reagan in a difficult position with her new boss, he becomes more invested in her life despite warnings from his mentor to not get involved with someone whose beliefs don’t match his own.

The more Reagan digs her heels in against the religious freaks she’s forced to interact with, the more she begins to question everything she’s built her life upon. When the tide begins to turn in Reagan’s heart and her worldview flips upside down, trusting God means putting everything on the line, including her heart.

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