SSC Meetups Survey 2019
If you have attended meetups in more than one city, please answer for the most recent one / the one you’re most likely to attend now. If it’s important to you to represent multiple meetups, please fill out this form twice.

Data will not be released publicly because it would be too easy to identify individuals and I neglected to include a question about releasing people's answers, but I am planning to share aggregate statistics and lessons learned publicly. I will also probably reach out to individual meetup organizers if there's significant data on what people want to see from their groups. If you have objections to any of this, please let me know in the freeform response box at the end of the survey.

Where is your meetup? *
Please include state/province and country, if ambiguous.
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Do you meet regularly? *
How long has your meetup been active? *
What was the median attendance at the meetups you've attended? *
What was the maximum attendance at the meetups you've attended? *
How many meetups have you personally been to in the past year? *
Group type
Did your group start because of SSC Meetups Everywhere? *
What’s your role in the group? *
Is your group listed on LessWrong?
Which of these activities did you do at meetups?
Which of these activities did you find most valuable or enjoyable?
1 (worst)
5 (best)
Unstructured socializing
Structured socializing
Discussing particular readings
Lightning talks
Board games
Applied rationality training
What activities that your group doesn't currently do would you be most interested in trying? No need to stick to the activities listed above.
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To what extent do you feel like each of these is the purpose of your meetup? *
1 (not at all)
5 (main purpose)
Casual social interaction
Learning about interesting things
Personal growth
Moving into new career paths
Elaborations on the above?
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How valuable do you feel attending meetups has been for you? *
Not at all valuable
One of the most valuable things I've done
Which of these things have you experienced as a result of attending meetups? *
Elaborations on the above?
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What would you like to be different about your meetup?
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Some people have expressed a desire to have a way to communicate with people from other meetup groups, in order to share ideas for meetup activities, ask for help with problems, collaborate on projects, and plan joint meetups with nearby cities, among other things. The next question asks about that prospect.
I would prefer to communicate with people from other meetup groups via: *
These communication platforms are also acceptable, though not preferred:
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Any other comments?
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