MASSAGE INC. | Client Interest Survey
Please answer each question.
1. Massages offer a wide range of health benefits including improved circulation, pain relief and improved sleep. Given this, how interested would you be in receiving a weekly massage? *
Not Interested
Very Interested
2. Our Chair Yoga instruction has been designed to improve balance and assist in fall prevention. Given this, would you be interested in receiving weekly Chair Yoga instruction? *
Not Interested
Very Interested
3. Would it be of value to you as a resident to be assured that your massage therapist is only working at your senior living community and no other? *
Not Important
Very Important
4. Would you prefer to pay for the services directly at the time of service or have them included in your rent? *
5. Would you prefer to have an in-house massage therapist or potentially wait extended periods of time for an appointment? *
6. Would it be preferable for you to have an in-house Yoga Instructor for sheduled Yoga sessions or by appointment? *
7. Would you prefer to have a massage in your private room or would you enjoy going to your community's spa room? *
8. Would you be able to comfortably get on and off a massage table without assistance? *
No Assistance
Fully Assisted
9. What would you consider paying for a quality massage? *
10. What would you consider paying for a senior specific Chair Yoga session? *
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