Mighty Soul Mastermind Questionnaire
Thank you, my beautiful soul, for considering this option for your mind and body wellness needs! The Mighty Soul Mastermind is a monthly group and individual coaching and mentoring experience for any health/wellness/fitness coach or influencer still struggling with eating and body image challenges themselves, or for anyone who has simply been involved in the health and fitness/diet culture space for awhile and is looking for a new sustainable road to health. This space is intended to help you step into a deeper level of consciousness; heal your relationship with food, move further into self-love, and work through your limitations so you can take your power back, discover your authentic truth, and step into your next level self (you know, that QUEEN version of you)

The approach I use in my practice is called Mind and Body Nutrition and Dynamic Eating Psychology- trademarked by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating (the world's leading school in nutritional psychology).

Please be aware this is a non-diet approach

Basically the goal is to look deeper..not just at what you're eating and how you're moving (although this is important too!) but at WHO YOU ARE as an individual with individual needs. This is about stepping into consciousness; learning how to address and treat the underlying cause behind the unwanted behaviors, and manage stress and discomfort more effectively.

Some of the things we will work through and discuss in this space are;

Transforming your relationship with food, your body, and your life in a non-restrictive and holistic way;

(Again) Exploring who your are as an eater rather than just focusing on the food
Mind-Body connection
Stress management
Implementing gentle nutrition
Nutrition basics
Seeing your challenges as opportunities for change
Stepping through fear into love
Mindful and intuitive eating and living
Binge and emotional eating
Balancing feminine/masculine energy
Movement that feels good
Implementing spiritual practices..

And sooo much more<3

This opportunity is limited to no more than 10 women at a time, so the setting is intimate and you have TONS of access to me.

Each month you will receive;

1 individual coaching/mentoring call (not to exceed 60 minutes) where we will discuss what you are struggling with and come up with a plan of action to help you move forward in the right direction.

2 group coaching calls (no time limit) where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and engage with myself and the other beautiful ladies in the group

Access to myself and the other members of the group through an ongoing messaging thread

Automatic access to any of my other paid programs/offerings during your membership.


$599 monthly
$1617 paid in full for 3 months access

SPECIAL LIMITED TIME OFFER-If you sign up for 3 months paid in full access by 4/24, you will also receive an additional 4 weeks of unlimited direct Voxer access to me effectively immediately upon payment! ( a $399 value)

Once you submit this form I will be in contact with you within 24 hours, and we will discuss moving forward

For any questions please feel free to email me at meghanbriana@mightysoulhealth.com
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