MAA CoMInDS Summer Workshop Application
MAA College Mathematics Instructor Development Source (CoMInDS) Summer Workshop
for Improving the Preparation of Graduate Students to Teach Undergraduate Mathematics

Dates: Morning of Monday July 13 - afternoon of Wednesday June 15, 2020
Location: University of Maine in Orono, ME

Applications are due on April 20, 2020 decisions will be made by mid-May.

We are able to accommodate up to 24 participants. The information you provide on this application will help us learn about your interests and reasons for wanting to attend the workshop.
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Are you applying as part of a two-person team from your institution? *
Reminder: Each person must submit an application.
What is the name of the other person from your institution who is applying?
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What is the current state of mathematics graduate student professional development at your institution?
e.g. Are you about to start a pre-semester orientation program in your department? About to start a semester-long seminar? Have you been running a program but want to revise it? etc.
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If your institution currently runs a program, describe (a) its major goals and/or purpose and (b) your role in it.
e.g. Ensuring that graduate students learn basic teaching mechanics such as handwriting on boards; helping graduate students develop skills and knowledge for using collaborative groupwork, satisfying an administration-imposed requirement for TA PD, etc.
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Describe any other experiences you have had with mathematics graduate student professional development.
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What do you hope to get out of the workshop? *
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We have a limited amount of funding available to subsidize participant travel to the workshop. We ask that you try to make use of at least partial travel support from your home institution, if possible, in order to maximize the number of people who can participate. If selected to participate in the workshop, do you want to request travel support? *
If you require assistance for travel expenses, how much do you anticipate you would need? Please include an estimate in dollars.
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If circumstances make it impossible for us to offer this workshop in an in-person format, how interested might you be in participating in an on-line version? *
Are there particular features of an on-line workshop that would make you more interested in participating? Are there features that would make you less interested?
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