Freeman Space Exhibitor-in-Residence
Collaborate with an exhibition designer to present your ideas in an exhibition form in a Brooklyn storefront.
For projects to be presented between October 2014-February 2015 at Freeman Space, 155 Freeman Street, Brooklyn

Application process
1. Fill out this form
2. Send CV to

*Please note that studio space and housing is not provided. Desk space alongside co-workers is available. A fee will be required according to the length of the residency. An estimate for the residency fee and recommended length to realize the proposal will be provided to the applicant after the first round of selections.
Tusia Dabrowska *
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+1347.421.1241 *
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Examples: a professional or personal site, blog, videos related to the proposed project. Please only submit works authored by you or you within a group.
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Sep 2015 *
at least twice a week *
Recommended: 1-2x a week
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This is a unique change for me to share my work with a supportive creative community that I would otherwise have no change of engaging with. *
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I would be honored to do a live reading/performance on the opening night. I could also hold a round table discussion about the representations of young immigrants (with video samples from the interviews I've conducted). For those who would like to further their intrests online, I also have a thematic tumblr. *
Successful exhibitions include events such as talks, workshops and readings.
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The project is based on a series of interviews with people who have experienced immigration as children. *
Is this project part of a series? Part of an ongoing body of research? A specialty?
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Are you a New York resident? *
For non-New York residents, are you prepared to arrange housing and studio space (if needed)?
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